Medifast & Passover- Weight Loss In San Diego Week 11
Weight Loss in San Diego- Week 11 -Preparing for Passover ... Well, I'm sorry to say that I STILL have not made it into One-derland. :-( Today's weigh in was 200.2 - Soooo Close! Hopefully next week will be the week that marks my re-entry to One-derland.

Party Passover Games Are Fun
When celebrating the exodus from Egypt, Passover games will add some fun to the occasion. On the first two nights there is a Passover Party seder, and the story is retold from the Haggadah. During the duration of Passover, it is forbidden to eat Chametz (leavening).

A Wine Lover's Weekly Review Of $10 Wines - A Kosher For Passover French Cabernet Sauvignon
Not very long ago we reviewed a French Kosher wine costing less than $10. Now we are reviewing the same producer's Cabernet Sauvignon, just in time for Passover. As you may remember, the Skalli family started in the wine business during the 1920s in Algeria. From Corsica they went to southern France in 1961, where they were among the first to produce single variety wines instead of blends. The Skallis make wine in the Languedoc region of southwestern France as well as in the Rhone Valley, Provence, Corsica, and Napa Valley, California. Towards the end of November, 2011 many but not all of their wine interests were purchased by Boisset Family Estates. Our companion wine is a Napa County Cabernet Sauvignon, also Kosher for Passover, costing a ...

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